Conflicting memories: the case of Coventry


  • Mariano Molina Iniesta Universidad CEU San Pablo. Madrid



Coventry, memoria colectiva, monumento admonitorio, segunda posguerra


The article attempts to explain the project to rebuild Coventry Cathedral after World War II in the light of the processes of formation of collective memory studied by Sociology, highlighting the conflicting interests of a local
community willing to overcome a painful past and a nation interested in using such past to develop a narrative of victimization and resurrection across the country. Moreover it presents the project in Coventry as an example of
admonitory monument or Mahnmal, popularized at that time due to the inability to sustain a narrative of war in terms of courage and honor.

Keywords: collective memory, Coventry, second postwar period, admonitory monument.


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Author Biography

Mariano Molina Iniesta, Universidad CEU San Pablo. Madrid

Universidad CEU San Pablo – Madrid


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