Between geometrical rationality and material sensitivity.

Joop van Stigt in Twente


  • Guiomar Martín Domínguez Polytechnic University of Madrid
  • Isabel Rodríguez Martín Polytechnic University of Madrid



Joop van Stigt, revision of the modern movement, structuralism, tectonics, wood construction.


In 1961, the Dutch architect Joop van Stigt received the commission to design a small staff canteen at the University of Twente. His proposal, which takes as a point of departure a very precise structural reasoning –both in geometric and bearing terms– reveals a simultaneous extraordinary effort to emphasize the haptic dimension of the built space. Halfway between exactness and imperfection, between abstraction and a palpable condition, between the artificial and the natural world, this project is based on the organic value of wood as a building material, calling for a line of research alternative to the machinist paradigm, which seeks a redemption from the Cartesian anxieties of the modern movement, in order to bring architecture closer to man and nature


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